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Athletic Hall of Fame

Congratulations to the 2017 Athletic Hall of Fame Honorees:

Michael Cahill III '68
Thomas Callaghan '59
Nicholas Casale '04
Donald Egan '60 (Deceased)
David McCarty '05
Josh Pelletier '04
Dennis Pitaniello '98
Al Rapp

Nomination Criteria for Athletes

  • Must be a graduate of La Salle Institute
  • Athletic achievement during high school career at La Salle Institute
  • Athlete must exhibit good character during his high school career and after
  • Recommended (but not required) that the athlete participate in more than one sport during high school
  • Ten year waiting period after graduation (excluding posthumous nominations)
  • Supporting evidence must be included

Nomination Criteria for Coaches

  • Must have coached at least five years at La Salle Institute
  • Must have had great impact and measureable success
  • Must have attracted players during tenure as a coach
  • Must exhibit good character on and off the field
  • Support evidence must be included

Nomination Criteria for Other Nominees

  • Significant long-term contribution to the athletic program at La Salle Institute