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Campus Ministry

More than anything, what separates La Salle Institute from other schools is its commitment to developing the whole student and helping each student develop a faith-based relationship with God. 

The Campus Ministry services at La Salle bring students closer to Christ by developing and deepening their relationships with God through a commitment to service and by providing an opportunity for students to praise and worship God each and every day. 

Every morning the campus minister says a reflection to the school to spur students to think about God’s presence in their life. The Chapel remains open every day to allow students the opportunity for prayer. Every Thursday, students may participate in the celebration of the Blessed Sacrament. 

Service Requirement

The service requirement at La Salle Institute is designed to encourage students to realize their responsibility for service and is of the utmost importance to their personal development. In the middle school program, eight hours of service are required each year. In the high school, ten service hours are required.  

Retreat Program

To enhance students’ spirituality, each grade level will attend a full-day retreat. Juniors and Seniors will have the opportunity to become retreat leaders and to guide fellow classmates into a deeper relationship with God. 

Rosary Group & Bible Club

Blessed Pope Pius IX said, “Give me one million families praying the Rosary and the world is saved.” The Rosary Group at La Salle facilitates group prayer by inviting all faculty and students to gather every Monday morning to recite the rosary. It is open to any student or faculty member who wishes to participate. The Bible Club is also available to students who wish to deepen their knowledge and love of God’s written word through the scriptures. It is open to any student who wants to learn more about God. 

Eucharistic Ministers

Seniors are eligible to become Eucharistic Ministers and to hold the extraordinary gift of delivering the Eucharist to their fellow classmates and share the real presence of Jesus. A select number of seniors will be chosen each year.

Mass Schedules


Thursday 9/18/2014 Back to School Liturgy  
Sunday 10/12/2014 Alumni Mass/Brunch  
Tuesday 11/25/2014 Thanksgiving Prayer Service  
Sunday 12/7/2014 Junior Ring Ceremony/Mass  
Thursday 12/18/2014 Christmas Liturgy  
Sunday 4/26/2015 High School Baccalaureate Mass  
Thursday 5/14/2015 St. La Salle Day/Ascension Thursday Liturgy  
Saturday 6/8/2015 Middle School Graduation/Mass  

Additional services for All Saints Day, Ash Wednesday and Easter during the 2014-2015 school year to be announced. 


Canned Food Wednesday

Each week, La Salle students bring canned goods or make a monetary donation to benefit the United Church of Cohoe’s Food Pantry. Students compete amongst their grade to achieve the highest donation amount. Together, La Salle is able to donate bread, fruit, vegetables and other items to a worthy cause in our community. 

Lasallian Youth

The Lasallian Youth program at La Salle is dedicated to carrying on the mission of our founder St. John de La Salle by having our students act as ambassadors for Christ to the wider community. Each Tuesday and Thursday, La Salle students go to the Van Rensselaer Manor Nursing Home to play games and engage in activities with the elderly residents.  

Youth Mentoring

The Youth Mentoring program at La Salle gives students in grades 10 through 12 the opportunity to serve as mentors to boys living at the St. Colman’s Home in Watervliet. La Salle students visit the boys once a week to help with homework, become positive role models and provide valuable social interaction.

Holiday Collection

During the holiday season, La Salle places an extra focus on helping those in our community who find themselves in need. La Salle gives back and teaches service through participation in the Thanksgiving turkey drive, providing Thanksgiving meals, collecting toys and other efforts. 

Habitat for Humanity

Nearly two billion people around the world live in inadequate housing, with more than 100 million homeless. La Salle works to “change lives with homes,” seeking out poverty in our own community and helping to provide a roof for those who need one. Seniors interested in joining Habitat For Humanity may volunteer through the Religion department. 

St. Mary's Kenya Partnership

La Salle Institute is proud to be part of a larger worldwide community. In keeping with the tradition of our founder St. John de La Salle, we have built a unique partnership with St. Mary’s, a Christian Brothers school in Kenya. Each year, La Salle students organize a Magazine Drive, participate in inter-school “Penny Wars” and donate goods to benefit the students of St. Mary’s and to help provide important resources to the school. For example, in the past, money raised has been used to buy a new water pump and purchase new books.